Inspection Services

Profection Inspection is proud to serve the Greater Atlanta area. We adhere to InterNACHI’s rigorous Standard of Practice.

Buyer's Home Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

Profection Inspection LLC offers a comprehensive home inspection service that thoroughly examines the condition of your property. Our expert inspectors will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the visible and easily accessible components, providing you with a detailed inspection report in just 24 hours.

We inspect these areas of the home:

  • Roofing System
  • Foundation 
  • Structural Components
  • Exterior (doors, windows, siding)
  • Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
  • Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC System

When called for, we’ll utilize thermal imaging, a moisture meter, a gas leak detector, and an aerial drone during the inspection for no additional fee.

Additional Inspection Services

Happy couple holding the keys to their new house after thorough home inspection services

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you want to sell your home on your own terms, it’s wise to have it professionally inspected before listing it on the local market. We can provide a complete assessment of your home’s strengths and weaknesses. This valuable information empowers you to make necessary improvements, ensuring a smoother and more successful sale. Trust us to help you make informed decisions for a seamless selling experience.

Living room seen while performing home inspections services

11th Month Warranty Inspection

If you recently purchased a newly constructed home, it likely came with a 1-year warranty provided by the builder. We can conduct a thorough inspection of the home’s easily accessible components that are covered under your warranty. We aim to identify any potential deficiencies so you can get it addressed before the warranty expires. Trust our expertise to ensure your peace of mind in protecting your investment.

Moisture meter being used while performing home inspection services


Our re-inspection service ensures that the requested repairs on your prospective home have been completed to your satisfaction. Once the seller notifies you that the repairs have been finalized, we conduct a thorough limited-scope inspection, focusing on the areas that were repaired. Our goal is to verify that the original issue has been resolved. 

residential radon mitigation system being checked while performing home inspection services

Radon Testing

We will conduct an inspection service to measure the levels of radon gas in your prospective home. Radon, an odorless and invisible gas, can pose a significant health risk when present above a specific threshold. The EPA identifies radon as the second leading cause of lung cancer, surpassed only by cigarette smoking. If the radon levels in your potential home exceed the safe threshold, our experts will recommend radon mitigation services to ensure your safety and well-being. Trust us to safeguard your future home. 

Pool seen while performing home inspection services

Pool Inspections

If the home you’re purchasing includes a pool, be sure to schedule our specialized pool inspection. Our expert team will thoroughly assess the pool’s structure, mechanical components, accessories, and safety features. Rest assured, if any issues arise during the inspection process, we will promptly inform you, enabling you to negotiate new terms with the home seller as needed.